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Fan Fiction Post #44 {Noelian. Part 3/?}

Author's Note: Smut. Read at your own risk. Also, I suck at writing smut...so forgive me. Don't be too critical. It's one of my first smut bits. Haha. x

The gentle caress of Noel's finger tips on his cheeks gave Julian goosebumps. He shivered, making Noel laugh as he pressed his body against Julian's, "what do you want to do?" Noel asked in a whisper.

"I dunno," Julian draped his arm around Noel's waist, playing with the hem of his shirt, "do you have any ideas?"

"I can think of a few," Noel snickered, "your bed is plenty big enough for activities."

"Activities?" Julian mused, tickling the small of Noel's back, "I don't fancy finger painting here. It's a new duvet."

"Well there goes my plan," Noel rolled his eyes, pulling the duvet up a little, "I was hoping to paint all over your pasty white arse."

"You must have the most bizarre sex life," Julian chuckled.

"It's because I'm a good kisser. I can get away with anything in bed," Noel said, leaning in so his lips were just about brushing against Julian's.

"I don't believe that," Julian breathed, resisting the urge to kiss Noel. His breath smelled like polo mints, "prove it."

"I rather like teasing you," Noel murmured, curling his hand around the nape of Julian's neck.

"Tart," Julian pecked Noel's lips, "I can play that game too. Goodnight," Julian sat up so he could turn over and lay down facing the wall.

Noel made a "hmph" sound, rolling onto his other side, "I have a headache anyway," he muttered, yanking the blanket so he  could cocoon himself.

"Don't be like that," Julian sighed.

"You try kicking a coke habit and be cheerful."

"I've heard orgasms get rid of headaches," Julian turned over, pulling Noel close to him again. He pressed a kiss against his neck to distract Noel from thinking about his addiction.

"Yeah?" Noel giggled as Julian slid his hand under his shirt, "never knew that. Maybe I'll have to try that," he let Julian take his shirt off. The skin on skin contact as the shirt was discarded on the floor sent a jolt of excitement through his body.

Julian squeezed Noel's hip to get him to turn over, "I've heard kissing also helps," Julian said brushing his lips against Noel's jaw, down to his neck, smiling when Noel shuddered.

"Maybe you should kiss me then," Noel whispered, his voice cracking as Julian flicked his tongue against his collar bone.

"I think I can do that."

Julian kissed him without any hesitation. Noel twisted his fingers into Julian's hair, holding him close and making happy sounds as their tongues met. Frenching had never been Noel's favorite, but Julian was surprisingly good at kissing. It never ceased to amaze him. Every kiss with Julian was like a first kiss over and over again.

Noel pressed his hips against Julian's, feeling himself getting hard as the snogging became desperate and hungry with lots of tongue and occasional lip-nibbling. Julian moaned softly when Noel started grinding against him. Every movement seemed to be made in perfect unison.

What seemed like an eternity had passed when Julian's hand found it's way to the tie on Noel's pajama trousers, "take 'em off," he said gruffly, untying them.

Noel slipped them off to the bottom of the bed without question before tugging at Julian's, "you better not be wearing any boxers," he mumbled, smiling to himself as Julian kicked his pajamas down to join Noel's somewhere in the bed.

Julian's hard-on brushed against Noel's making him whine. He reached down, running his fingers down Julian's length, "what do you want me to do?" he asked in a low, seductive voice, attempting to sound sexy when he was feeling unsure for the first time. They'd snogged plenty of times, but this was the first time they'd ever been nude together.

"Stop talking," Julian kissed him again, swatting Noel's hand away so he could wrap his fingers around Noel's member.

Noel tangled his hands in Julian's hair, moaning into his mouth. Julian stroked Noel lightly, his hand barely touching him, teasing. He loved making Noel beg, although he'd never openly admit it. Julian stopped only to kick the duvet down, so he could stroke Noel properly.

Noel rolled onto his back, as Julian picked up where he left off, his hand barely touching him, "and you call me a tease," he whined.
Julian smirked, "you are a tease," he murmured, flicking his tongue against the tip of Noel's cock.

"Fuck me, Ju," Noel pleaded, "please," his breathing was getting heavy and he words were becoming incoherent.

"Is that what you want?" Julian asked, finally wrapping his lips around Noel's cock.

"Mmm...uh huh," Noel's voice seemed to go up an octave, "Ju, fuuuck," he groaned happily.

Julian sat up and reached over Noel, opening the drawer in his nightstand, "I think I have a johnny in here," he mumbled, feeling around, "ah, here is it," he kissed Noel's cheek, "have you, er, done this before?" he asked, his awkwardness finally surfacing, "I, uh, don't want to...hurt you."

"Yeah," Noel whispered, watching Julian tear open the square package.

"You'll tell me to stop if you need to, right?" Julian knew his questioning was a mood killer, but he'd always rather be safe than sorry. Especially when it involved Noel.

Noel sighed, "yeah," he was getting impatient.

"I just need to make sure," Julian tossed the wrapper on the floor, "ah, it's already got lube on it."

Noel burst out laughing, "jeez, Ju, are you sure you ain't a virgin?" he sat up, taking the slimy rubber out of Julian's hand, massaging it onto Julian's cock, still chuckling to himself.

"I've had sex with women," Julian breathed, "just haven't done it this way."

"With a man," Noel said, kissing along Julian's jaw, "I'm your first," he smiled against his cheek, his nose brushing against the stubble.

"Yeah," Julian admitted sheepishly, "what do you want me to do?" he hated himself for asking so many questions, but he read somewhere that communication in bed was essential to a great sex life.

"Use your fingers first," Noel whispered, straddling Julian's lap. He grabbed Julian's hand, sucking on his index and middle fingers for a second before winking, "there you go," his lips were on Julian's immediately, kissing hungrily as Julian reached around, "it's okay," he mumbled into the kiss, noticing Julian's hesitance.

Slowly, Julian slipped one finger inside of Noel, "alright?" he asked, feeling Noel's muscles tighten.

"Keep going," Noel murmured breathlessly, scattering kisses down Julian's neck as he grabbed Julian's wrist, guiding him. After a minute, a second finger was added; Noel let go of his hand, letting Julian continue, "oh, yeah," his voice cracked, "don't stop."
Julian moved his fingers in and out, grinning to himself as Noel whined his name. It wasn't as strange as he was expecting it to be because it was almost like being with a woman, except not. In a way, he was starting to prefer it- especially since Noel's reactions where making him even harder. Experimentally, he curled his fingers, to get even more of a rise out of Noel. It worked, but then Noel stopped him.

"Fuck me," he whined, spitting in his hand and stroking Julian over the johnny.


"I want to look at you," Noel sat up on his knees, "let me," he positioned himself and carefully guided Julian inside of him, exhaling loudly as he took him in all the way. He rocked his hips against Julian's, holding himself up with one hand, and draping the other around the nape of Julian's neck.

Julian held onto Noel's hips, matching his thrusts. Beads of sweat gathered on their foreheads as the pace picked up along with their breathing. Noel babbled incoherently, occasionally slipping in an "oh," "fuck," and "Julian" into his sex banter.
The tightness from Noel's muscles, clenching around Julian's cock was unlike anything he'd ever experienced. He was getting close; with one hand he started waking Noel, hard and fast, matching the pace of the thrusting.

"'m gonna," Noel whined, "Julian," with a long moan, he came on Julian's knuckles, pressing a sloppy kiss on his mouth.

Julian followed shortly after, feeling Noel's muscles pulsing around him as the warm, tingly sensation of an orgasm spread through his body. Everything went hazy as he moaned Noel's name into the kiss.

Noel flopped down on the bed, breathing softly, "I love you."

After discarding the johnny, Julian laid next to him, letting Noel snuggle against him, "that was amazing," he brushed Noel's wet fringe out of his face and kissed his forehead, tasting sweat, "I'll never love anyone as much as I love you right now."

"You mean that?" Noel asked, resting his head on Julian's chest.

"Mm," he murmured, pulling the duvet over them.

"This might be the best day of my life," Noel sighed happily.

"Want to know mine?" Julian asked, tracing little hearts on the small of Noel's back with his index finger.

"Tell me," Noel yawned.

"Remember the first night we spoke?"

"Mhm," Noel's grunt was barely audible.

"That's my best day," Julian closed his eyes, "because I met you."

"And you got snogsies," Noel added quietly.

"That too," Julian chuckled airily, "do you want to sleep now, sweetheart?"

Noel nodded, "g'night Ju."

"Sweet dreams, little man."


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